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Tappahannock Rotary - District 7610
Application for Club Excellence Award

Every meeting week a Rotarian is assigned to bring adult beverages for our evening club Social. Members gather around at 5:45 to socialize with each other. Club Service 59 members benefited and this will continue.

Spouse Night: On months which have a 5th Thursday, we provide a special program for our spouses which include going out to a different restaurant or attending a community theatre play. 59 Members: Club Service 118 benefited and this will continue.

Pig Roast: Each year one of our annual fund raisers is a pig roast. Members sell tickets to the community and assist cooking the food, running the bar, serving the food, and taking tickets. Each member is obligated to sell 8 tickets. 59 Members Club Service Benefited 100’s This will continue.

Croaker Tournament: Our second major fund raiser is a large Croaker Fishing Tournament. Each year over 100 boats from all over the state and further compete trying to catch the biggest fish. Cash prizes are awarded. Club members organize the tournament, weigh the fish, cook hot dogs and burgers for those attending and distribute flyers. 59 members Club Service Benefited 100’s This will continue. Caribbean Cruise: This year as in years past, we sold drawing tickets for $20 each or 5 for $100 to friends and community citizens. The drawing was held on New Year’s Eve at a fund raiser for the Free Clinic. Over $6,000 was raised. 59 Members Club Service Benefited 100’s This will continue.

Friday Night at the Movies: Once a month members gather at a Rotarian’s home to share a pot luck supper and watch a movie of someone’s choice. 10 Members and spouses Club Service No benefit except to those who attended. This will continue.

President’s Farewell Meeting: Each year we hold a meeting including spouses at a Rotarian’s home to celebrate the outgoing president. This past June the meeting was held at out-going President Bill Reavis’ home where food was served and club awards were presented. 59 Members Club Service 118 Benefited This will continue.

New Member Obligations: Club members drew up a sheet of obligations for new club members outlining the requirements of membership including cost. This is published on our club web page. 59 Members Club Service Benefits membership This will continue.

Board Planning Retreat: Each year a meeting is held by club board members to examine what projects will be done for the next year as well as what costs will arise as well as deciding on what fund raisers will be needed by the club. 22 Members Club Service Whole club benefits This will continue.

Mystery Bus Trip: The idea is to have the chair of this event to choose a restaurant and hire a bus to pick up Rotarians, their spouses and guests and try to determine where they are going. This very successful event has proven too costly this year so instead we met at a Rotarian’s home and had cocktails and nibbles before car pooling to the restaurant of choice. 26 Rotarians Club Service 26 Benefited This will continue next year.

Sunshine Committee: This committee is in charge of visiting sick Rotarians and spouses, sending appropriate cards and flowers to those members in need. 59 Rotarians Club Service 20 Benefited This will continue.

Joint meeting with Warsaw Rotary Club: In March of this year we invited the members of the Warsaw Rotary Club to share a joint meeting. This was held on a Monday Night when Roma’s is usually closed and consisted of cocktails, nibbles, and supper followed by a joint club discussion about projects on which each club is working. 100 Rotarians Club Service 100 Benefited This will continue. Rotary Leadership Institute: Five members had attended at least one session of the RLI and four have graduated from this training. 5 members Club Service 59 Benefited This will continue. Club Awards: This year President John Lewis honored 4 Rotarians for their Service Above Self efforts. Forty year Rotarian John Gregory was presented a plaque for his service as was twenty year Pork Feast chairman Bill Croxton. A plaque was presented to Tom Saville for his outstanding effort on our Citizen of the Year Award and finally a plaque was presented to Joe Wolfinger for his efforts organizing the Australian Group Study Exchange teams. 59 Rotarians Club Service 59 Benefited This will continue.

Five Year Planning Sessions (Strategic Planning): In an attempt to organize and plan for the Tappahnnock Rotary Club and its activities, we have held a series of planning meetings during this Rotary year. We have examined membership growth, diversity, activities, fund raising, participation and other such items. Our final report will be made in July 2013. 59 Rotarians Club Service 59 Benefited This will continue.

Attendance at District Conference: This year was our first time to have more than one member attend the District Conference when four attended…two with spouses. Our President John Lewis, our incoming President Norman Wood, our incoming Assistant Governor Bill Croxton, and our PDG Tommy Neuman all were present. 4 Rotarians Club Service 59 Benefited This will continue. Publicity and Public Image: The Tappahannock Rotary Club continues to have a strong working relationship with our local newspaper, The Rappahannock Times, and we provide numerous articles and pictures to alert the community to our activities and projects. 59 Rotarians Club Service Thousands Benefit This will continue.

Vocational Talks: Each week a Rotarian is in charge of the program. During that time he/she also talks about their vocation. This is a very informative and interesting part of our programs. 59 Rotarians Vocational Service 59 Benefited This will continue.

Citizen of the Year: At a Monday Night Gala the community was invited when our club honored both Joe and Helen Ware for their contributions to our area which have been large and numerous. Well over 100 citizens were in attendance for this wonderful event. 59 Rotarians Vocational Service 100’s Benefited This will continue.

The Four Way Test: Each week at the conclusion of the program, all members stand and recite the Four Way Test. This allows us to keep in mind those thoughts which govern our lives by what we think, do, and say. 59 Rotarians Vocational Service 59 Benefited This will continue.

Vocational scholarship: Each year we present a scholarship that is vocational in nature to a student from Essex High School 59 Rotarians Vocational Service Numerous benefit This will continue. Police and Fire person of the Year: Next month our club will honor the contributions of one of our local police and fire department members with a program and a plaque presented. 59 Rotarians Vocational Service The whole community benefits This will continue.

Food bank: The needs of the Essex County Food Bank are great and continuous. Our club not only provided monthly donations of food stuffs but also provided $1000 to feed the hungry in our community. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless benefit This will continue.

Free Clinic: Established three years ago to help citizens of our community have access to free health care, our club has been instrumental in providing leadership, volunteers, and financial support. We give the Free Clinic $1000 each year. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless Benefit This will continue.

Free Clinic New Year’s Eve Bash: The Tappahannock Rotary Club partnered with the Essex County Free Clinic this past 31 December to help raise money for the clinic. Over 20 Rotarians and spouses attended this function and assisted in the drawing for a cruise for two to the Caribbean. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless Benefited This will continue.

Free Clinic Tappahannock Rotary 5 K Fun Run: This year the Tappahannock Rotary Club partnered with the Free Clinic in a community wide ‘Bunny Hop’ 5 K run. Well over 200 contestants representing different age groups participated in this fun event. Rotarians ran, walked, organized, and presented the awards. In addition to splitting the proceeds of the event with the Free Clinic, the Tappahannock Rotary club raised an extra $500 when President John Lewis decided to acquire additional pledges by running the race in an adult diaper. The proceeds will help the Free Clinic and Rotary Club charities. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless Benefited This will continue.

Operation In As Much: A number of churches in Essex County each year select a number of working projects to be accomplished on one day. This year 73 families were helped by yard cleaning, house painting, and house repair and so on. Our club provided $500 to assist these volunteers. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless benefited This will continue.

Salvation Army Bell Ringing: Once again Rotarians volunteered to stand outside of Wal-Mart on a particular weekend day to ring the bell soliciting cash donations to help the Salvation Army on its mission of helping others. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless benefited This will continue.

Toy Pick Up: Each year Rotarians assist members of the Essex County Sheriff’s Department collecting toys at Wal-Mart for needy children at Christmas time. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless benefited This will continue.

Veteran’s Day Ceremony: Various Tappahannock Rotarians were not only part of the planning of this event but also provided coffee and doughnuts for those attending. 59 Rotarians Community Service 100’s benefited This will continue.

Memorial Day Ceremony: This solemn ceremony is planned by a committee including members of our Rotary Club. Not only do our club members serve as ushers and provide coffee and doughnuts but one of our club members will once again be the keynote speaker. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless benefited This will continue.

Ceremonial Bugle: A group of veterans in the Tappahannock area are putting together a burial detail to honor those who have died at their funeral. Since no one plays the bugle, a ceremonial electronic bugle was purchased by the Rotary Clubs of Tappahannock, Warsaw, and Middlesex. This bugle along with a firing party will be used at veteran funeral in the future. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless will benefit Use of the bugle and firing party will continue.

Christmas adopt a Family: Several club members adopted families to assist in providing clothing and toys for impoverished people identified by Essex Social Services. 59 Rotarians Community Service Numerous benefited This will continue.

The Haven: The organization that runs the shelter for victims of domestic abuse and their children in our area is called the Haven. Our Rotary club not only purchased equipment for a children’s play ground but erected the same. We also presented the Haven staff with a large check to help continue the great work they do. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless benefit This will continue. Friends of the River: Once a year the Tappahannock Rotary Club assists with clean up of the Rappahannock River in our area. We pick up debris and bag it up for later disposal as well as provide a cook out for those who help with the clean up. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless benefit This will continue.

Essex County Library: Not only do we contribute money to have computers available to local citizens but this year we are also co-assisting with a huge library event and book signing. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless benefit This will continue.

Farmer’s Market: From early spring into November the Tappahannock Rotary Club is one of the main sponsors for our local Farmer’s Market…an event that takes place one Saturday a month. A huge variety of items and farm produce are sold each month. It is becoming a very social event to attend. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless benefit This will continue.

Main Street Project: In an attempt to improve the conditions of the shopping areas and Main Street, the Tappahannock Rotary Club has partnered with the Tappahannock Town Council in forming a Main Street Project. Each year our club contributes $1000 to assist. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless benefit This will continue.

Clean up Historic Highway: Twice a year a group of Rotarians begin a process of trash pickup on highway 17 just outside of Tappahannock. Members put discarded waste and trash into bags that will be picked up later. We always try to make the highway look pristine for Garden Week. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless benefit This will continue.

Essex County Historical Museum: Not only are a lot of our Rotarians involved with the museum as board members and docents but our club provides socials for special events. This year we donated $1000 to assist the museum but we also took part in a community drive to assist with the repair of a civil war canon. Our club rose over $1000 in addition to our donation to help preserve our canon. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless benefit This will continue.

Angel Tree: With so many needy children at Christmas time, our club decided to become involved with Angel Tree, Our club donates $500 and Rotarians shop, buy, wrap and deliver toys and clothes to the needy in our area. 59 Rotarians Community Service countless benefit This will continue.

Little League: Our club makes an annual donation of $500 to Essex Country Little League but also helps with a cook out of hot dogs and burgers at their golf tournament each year. This year our club is partnering with the Warsaw Rotary Club for a Tug-of-War contest to raise even more money at a 4th of July event. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless benefit This will continue.

Boy Scout Troop 304: We continue to assist troop 304 with finishing their club house but with various needs that might arise. This year a potential Eagle Scout needed financial help to complete his project and our Rotarians dipped into their pockets and raised the $200 that was needed. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless Benefit This will continue.

Essex County Volunteer Fire Department: Each year we make a substantial contribution to our local fire department. The usual contribution amount is $500. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless benefit This will continue.

Essex High School Senior Prom: In order to make the prom a safe and fun opportunity for our local high school students, our club donates money to purchase supplies and prizes for those who attend. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless benefit This will continue.

Tappahannock Art Guild: The Tappahannock Area is awash with talented artists and our club provides money to this group so they can afford their shop and also provides refreshments at local gatherings. 59 Rotarians Community Service Countless benefit This will continue.

RYLA: Each year our Rotary club sends two Essex High School students to RYLA and then we ask the students to come and address our club about their experience. 59 Rotarians New Generations Many Benefit This will continue.

Jacob’s Ladder: Beginning in the 7th grade, at risk students are designated by their counselors and are offered a chance to become a part of this incredible organization. These students, known as climbers, progress through this program until they graduate from high school. A very high percentage of these students go on to college. Our club provides $1000 and several members also become leaders. 59 Rotarians New Generations Countless will benefit This will continue.

National Young Scholars Program: One of the children in our area and whose mother is our waitress at Roma’s approached one of our members and showed him a letter her daughter received inviting her to attend a National Young Scholar’s Program in Washington DC. While she was delighted at the opportunity there was no way she could afford the $1600 tuition needed. Said Rotarian then approached the club president who began a ‘Dig Deep to Help a Child’ program. Within 5 weeks all of our members reached into their pockets and produced the $1600 needed. The child will come and address our club following her program later this summer. 59 Rotarians New Generations Countless benefit Will have to wait to see if our help is needed in the future

Group Study Exchange: The Tappahannock Rotary Club was richly blessed this year by having a member, Bill Croxton chosen as the out going team leader to Australia. Not only that but we were fortunate to host the incoming GSE team as well for 4 days. During that time we held a welcome reception for the Australian team, members of local law enforcement, a joint meeting with five Rotary Clubs, a day on the water, a BBQ at one of the member’s homes and a farewell dinner as well. The club supplied food and beverage for the Aussies…boy do they drink a lot of beer…and helped with other necessaries. 59 Rotarians International Service Countless benefited Hopefully we will have the opportunity again

International toast: At each meeting our International Chair stands and asks each Rotarian to raise his or her glass and toast a club in our Rotary World. 59 Rotarians International Service Uncertain # benefit This will continue.

Fact Finding Trip to Jamaica: Two Rotarians at their own expense traveled to Kingston Jamaica to examine a school project to determine if our Rotary Club could help. Our members were given local tours of the school and had opportunity to speak with school leaders and teachers. It was determined that we could accomplish this project albeit in several steps. The two Rotarians returned excited about what they has seen. 59 Rotarians International Service Unknown # of benefits This will continue.

Crab Races at Rivahfest: Each year, the waterfront part of Tappahannock erupts with thousands of people attending the annual Rivahfest. The Tappahannock Rotary Club Sets up an elevated race track with lanes for racing hard shell blue crabs. Children are given water bottles and the children spray their crab to completion. The winner wins a free fish donated by the local pet shop. Although not a large money maker, hundreds of local kids stand in line for their opportunity to race a crab. The racing table is set with the Rotary symbol and is one of our outreach plans for the year in addition to fun for the kids. 59 Rotarians Community Service and Public Image We will continue to do this.

Jamaica School White Board Project: Following the return of two of our Rotarians from Jamaica, a power point presentation was made to several different clubs to try to generate support for this project. With computerized white boards in classrooms students in this very poor school have increased their literacy by 300%. Our club then applied for a District Simplified Grant to assist. We have yet to receive information about the grant but we have risen over $6000 to apply to this project. 59 Rotarians International Service District Grant Applied for Countless benefit Uncertain if This will continue. Joint Project with England: The Rotary Club of Cirencester, District 1100 England, is spear heading a project to provide portable water barrels for Africa. One member of our club has already donated $100 and hopefully many more will also contribute. 59 Rotarians International Service Countless benefit This will continue.

Foundation: We recruited 4 of our 6 Paul Harris Society members this year, our club is 100% Sustaining members and we added 4 new PHFs this year and are in the process of adding 3 more as we write this. 59 Rotarians Foundation and International Service Countless Benefit. This will continue.

International Travel and make up meetings: Several of our club members have traveled internationally this year and have exchanged banners with foreign clubs which we display on our club wall during meetings. 59 Rotarians International Service Uncertain benefits This will continue.

Attend the Rotary International Conference: One club member will attend the International Conference in Lisbon Portugal this year. 59 Rotarians International Service Benefits the entire club. We will continue to do this.

As you can see the rural Rotary Club of Tappahannock, Virginia Club # 5838 has once again had an active and busy year completing numerous projects in all of the Avenues of Service. Several of our projects were completed with 100% of club members participating. We have raised thousands of dollars and have distributed those dollars to help those in our world and in our community. As Tappahannock celebrates our 86th year of Rotary existence we are becoming more informed about Rotary, its programs, and in service.

Respectfully Submitted,

John W. Lewis, President Tappahannock Rotary Club Year 2012-2013


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