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Tappahannock Rotary Club awarded Best Club of the Year.

“That is as good as it gets.”  2016-17 Rotary President, Joe Wolfinger

   (Tappahannock, VA) – It was a surprising night Rotary members Norman Wood, Bill Croxton and Fred Woodard will never forget as The Tappahannock Rotary Club was recognized, again, as the best large club of the year in the large club category for the second time in three years. The Rotary Annual Awards and Installation Banquet held Saturday evening, July 16th in Fredericksburg recognized the Tappahannock Club for its efforts for Vocational, International, Public Image and Community Service with numerous awards.

Wood, the district’s Assistant Governor was awarded the President of Rotary International’s Club Builder Citation.  Wood succeeded Croxton who has been Assistant Governor for the last ten years.

Tappahannock Rotary wins best club of the year award  

The surprise of the evening came when Fred Woodard received the District’s 110% Achiever Award for the member who made the greatest effort on behalf of Rotary and his community. Woodard, who was not aware he had been recommended for the award wasn’t paying close attention as the District Governor had to announce his name several times.

    One of Rotary’s greatest accomplishments of the year, The Tappahannock Tornado Relief Fund which exceeded $100,000 and the Tappahannock Rotary Club Foundation, grew out of the severe tornado that ripped through our County in late February.  100% of the funds raised were distributed to victims through Social Services.  2015-16 accomplishments were under the leadership of President Wright Andrews.

Tappahannock Rotary Club members come from all walks of life with the hope of building life-long friendships and experiences that provide personal fulfillment through volunteering, serving our Essex community. Meetings are held  Thursday nights at 6:00 p.m. at Roma’s in Tappahannock. Please visit www.tappahannockrotary.org for more information.

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