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2019 Campaign - Heroes from our Community
Hero Name Rank/Title Reason for Dedication Sponsor
Henry P. Ames Major, US Army Mexico, WWl and WWll Carl Strock
Wright H. Andrews, Sr. Master Sergeant, US Army Honoring his service in the Pacific in War II Wright H. Andrews, Jr.
Samuel Barron (S.B.) Baird, Jr Private 1st Class 88th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop, 88th Infantry, US Fifth Army, Italian Campaign, World War II: 1942-1946 Gazelle Gallagher Baird, R. Andrew & Elizabeth Baird Dewey, and Thomas M. & Lillian Baird Blackwell
William F. Baird Sergeant, US Army 43rd Infantry, Tank Battalion, 1950-1952. Served in Germany during Korean War. Thomas M. & Lillian Baird Blackwell
Richard Lee Blackwell, Sr Trooper Virginia State Police: 1941-1958; Commissioner of Revenue, Essex County,: 1960-1971 Richard Lee Blackwell, Jr. & Thomas M. Blackwell, Sr.
Eric Ben Boleman Infantry, USMC Proud Aunt Andrea Mitman
Alexander Woodford Broaddus CSA Quartermast, Essex County Sharpshooters. He lived at Cherry Walk and died about 1888. He is buried across the road from Cherry Walk at his 2nd wife’s home, Beaver’s Hill. Water & Beverly Rowland
James H Cary Sergeant, US Army Korean War Bud Smith
John Clickener Lt. Col., US Marines Honoring his service to Nation, Community and Family David Broad
Jimmy Cook Navy Cross, Vietnam War Heroism, saving lives of fellow soldiers for which he received the Navy Cross, second only to the Congressional Medal of Honor Water & Beverly Rowland
Alexander F Dillard, Jr Lt. Cmdr., US Navy Deceased veteran Sarah Pope
R Peel Dillard Lt. Col., US Marine Corps Retired veteran Sarah Pope
Edward Tyler Evans Sergeant, US Army WWII-Japan. In memory of service Carole Evans Croxton
Dennis Fary Corporal, US Army Thank You For Ypur Service Ronnie and Lindia Gill
Thomas Owens Fogg, Jr Specialist 4 Specialist 4, 44th Medical Brigade, South Vietnam Susan Fogg
LeRoy S. Foster US Army P.O.W., WWII, 9th Infantry Division Jonathon Foster
Peter Francisco Soldier, Colonial Army Revolutionary War. Known as "The Virginia Giant," "Hercules of the Revolution," and "Washington's One-Man Army." Penny Geiger and Dot Fogg
Edward D. Galloway Captain, US Navy WWll Carl Strock
Francis Edward "Frank" Geiger Cap't. USAF, pilot Killed in action, age 28, married. Plane shot down at Kontum, South Vietnam. Ron Geiger
Charles P. Gilchrist, Jr Marine Corps WWII, Greatest Generation Charles P Gilchrist
Joe Gilchrist Honoring his cancer fight Charles P Gilchrist
Thomas N. Gregory E-5, US Navy He served his country with homor. March 1966 - March 1970 Vicki, Dwayne & Angela Gregory
Jason Gross Sgt, US Army For service to his country James Wawner
Joseph R. Groves Colonel, US Army WWll and Korea Carl Strock
Edmond Ware Haile Lt. Col. US Army Air Corps, World War II Richard Lee & Becky Haile Blackwell, Jr.
James W. Harper Sr. Seaman 1st Class USN Honorably served in WWII and Korean Conflict Patricia Harper Johnston
Gordon Harrower 1st Lt., US Army You are my hero! Anita Harrower
Charlie A. Horner, Jr Sailor, US Navy Personal reason Donnie Horner
William Jester 1st LT National Guard & US Army Reserves. Served as President of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), Potomac Chapter Karin Andrews
Harry G. Johnston Master Chief USN Honorably served in the US Army in WWI and the USN in WWII Joe Johnston
George King Colonel, US Army Warrior, Mentor, Teacher, Father Fred and Laura Woodard
Ron Kinsley Airborne Ranger, US Army Killed in action Vietnam War. Classmate, friend, and admirer Mac Garrett
John Lewis Colonel, US Army Patriot, Warrior, Rotarian Tappahannock Rotary Club
Richard Hass Moyer Captain, US Navy In memory of a true patriot and truer friend. Nina Robertson
Ralph E. Page Lieutenant, US Army Air Corp Navigator on B17 "Tiny Angel," shot down and a POW for 13 months. Died at age 94 and buried at Arlington National Cemetery Joyce Page
Anthony Joseph Pearson Cap't. USAF, pilot Killed in action, age 27, married. Plane shot down as Forward Air Controller, 19th Tactical Air Support at Bien Hoa, South Vietnam. Ron & Penny Geiger
Kenneth J Polluck 1st Lieutenant Vietnam Veteran Bud Smith
Joey Reinhardt Volunteer, Rescue Squad 30 years Volunteer, Essex County-Tappahannock Fire Department Rescue Squad Life Member Terri Reinhardt White
Lewis Scott Reinhardt CWO-5, USMC Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Ensuring Freedom. Puple Heart. Retird after 30 years service E.A. & Shirley Reinhardt
Scott Reinhardt CWOS USMC, Retired Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Ensuring Freedom. Retired in 2015 after 30 years service Karin Andrews
Bunnie Robinson PFC, US Army WWII Veteran Robert Dufour
J A G "Gordon" Robinson US Army 8th Air Force 1944 B-17 Navigator/Bombardier WWII. Miraculous survivor of 25 + 5 more missions over Germany Margaret Robinson Broad
Stanley Robinson 1st Sgt., US Army Vietnam War Veteran Robert Dufour
William G. "Billy" Smith Specialist 5 Vietnam Veteran Bud Smith
Charles Stokes Veteran For his ervice to his country and above all his service to others. John Magruder, BSA Troop 304
Alan M. Strock Colonel, US Army WWll and Korea Carl Strock
David C. Strock LieutenantColonel, US Army Vietnam Carl Strock
Glen T. Strock Colonel, US Army WWl and WWll Carl Strock
Robert D. Strock Colonel, US Army WWll and Korea Carl Strock
Alfred Tragis Master Sergeant, USAF Vietnam Veteran Reese Peck
Guilford D. Ware Sergeant, US Army Air Corps, WWII Provided generous scholarships for Essex County students Woman's Club of Essex County
Joseph Latane' Ware Corporal, US Army, WWII His love for and genrous support of Essex County Helen S. Ware
William Edward Ware, Jr US Navy Enlisted Doctor of Education Personal hero and best friend R. Tyler Ware
Robert F. "Bobby" Watkins 5P3, US Army For the love of his country and softball. Robin Watkins Harmon, Della Watkins, & Rodney Watkins
Lester Wawner M.M. 2nd Class, US Navy WWII service in North Atlantic and Pacific James Wawner
Arthur Whitley Colonel, US Army WWll and Korea Carl Strock
Charles Harrison Williams Navy WWII, Greatest Generation Charles P Gilchrist
Charles C. Wolfinger Lt. Cmdr. US Navy Great Dad, Great businessman, Great US Navey Veteran Joe & Ginevra Wolfinger
C. Norman Wood Lieutenant General Dedicated Officer, Country, Family, and God Elizabeth D "BB' Wood
Mary Patricia Wood US Navy (12/24/1922-3/25/2010) Mom, we are together every day, dear friend. I miss you. I love you. Always Susan Allen
William H. Wood III Commander, US Navy (10/10/1923-11/27/2013) Naval aviator 32 years service including WWII and Korea. My Dad, My HERO. Thanksfor making making it back home to us. I talk to you every day, Dad. I love you. Always. Susan Allen
Chuck Woodard Lt. J.G., US Navy Christian, Warrior, Beloved Son Fred and Laura Woodard
Celebrate and recognize the heroes that have served and sacrificed for our freedom, as well as those that serve today. Heroes may include someone important in your life.... active military, veterans, deceased, law enforcement, fire and rescue first responders, EMT, doctors, nurses, community leaders, teachers, personal heroes, any other hero who has displayed FORTITUDE when protecting or helping others.

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